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Here’s what some of our Lake City, FL customers are saying about us:

Friendly, responsive and honest. My son's car broke down three hours from home. The tow company recommended Johnny's. They towed his car there that evening it was ready by noon the next day. Their price was very reasonable and they were very courteous. Wish they were in my hometown

Kimberly Bodine Johnny's Auto Repair Customer Review

Wonderful service from Aram and Nicholas. Thanks for the help.

Steve Ulman Johnny's Auto Repair Customer Review

The most honest auto repair shop I've ever used. Over the phone estimate was to the penny the out the door cost. All the staff were very friendly. Attribute all of this to Johnny.

Randy Williams Google Review

Great work! Great price! Had a heater core put on my car and a power steering pump on my jeep....very happy!


5 Stars!

Antonio Holsey Google Review

We have nothing but high praise for the service at Johnny’s. We had a major problem with our RV and tow car and had trouble finding service. Jason came to our rescue and fixed our problems not only quickly but with great efficiency. He immediately detected the problems and had us back on the road within an hour. Johnny is extremely lucky to have Jason on his team. Thanks again Jason. Ed and Barb Gherardi, Vermont

Barb Gherardi Google Review

This place is awesome. Jason went above and beyond to help out me and my stranded family. We broke down on the interstate and had our van towed to Johnny’s on a Friday night. Jason went in on Saturday morning at 7:30 to fix the van with a new alternator and then came to pick us up at Holiday Inn. I would recommend them to anyone for any services.

Brannon Taylor Google Review

Great service the mechanic fixed everything that was wrong as a reasonable price Mater diesel run and purr like a kitten so thank you Jason and thank you Ashley for all the help you've given us I give Johnny's Auto five stars....

irranNsevilla Google Review

These guys are very down to earth and professional. And very reasonable

Tiffany Smith Google Review

We were stranded in Florida, 1000 miles fro home with a broken down car... These guys saved our lives. Towed us to the shop late night on Sunday, had us back on the road Monday morning before noon. We are so thankul. Would rate 10 stars if possible.

deucemcdonalds Google Review

Johnny fit me in very quickly (within an hour) while traveling through. Was very fair especially considering that I wasn't local. Extremely kind and helpful. Highly recommended.

Caleb Flynn Google Review

This place does good work and is someone that you can trust

Doug Swanson Google Review

Quick service and great price!! Very friendly and love the deer lol

Dottie Greathouse Google Review

He worked us in last minute and was quick and didnt rob us!! Fabulous!!

Daltonix Gaming Google Review

Our Tahoe broke down on a Saturday afternoon on our way to Orlando. Johnny was great. He got us in quickly and fixed the truck in a few hours. Reasonably priced and very friendly. He even discussed the warranty on the work. Would highly recommend.

Rhonda Howard Johnny's Auto Repair Customer Review

Best mechanic in town. I've never had to take my car back to Johnny a second time for a problem that was supposed to be fixed.

Jamie Pelham Google Review

I highly recommend Johnny's repair shop! While traveling on day one of our vacation from Tampa to Alabama, our boat trailer began to show signs of blowing the bearings. We were a few miles from Johnny's s luckily. The friendly gal that answered the phone said 'come on over we can fix it'. The staff were so incredible and friendly. They went right to work on it and had us back on the road under two hours. I can't thank them enough for their kindness and willing to help during what could have been a terrible day. Thanks to the wonderful polite mechanic and the owner Johnny! You have a fine business.

Patty and Ken Stanton Johnny's Auto Repair Customer Review

In one of those dreaded scenarios all fear, of having a breakdown on an Interstate far from home, it finally happened. The flat bed driver (also a great guy) took my van here. Due to being right before closing time, and the nature of my breakdown, being a transmission, I rented another van, and continued by trip. They were very thorough in their diagnosis, and offered me several options. All their recondmendations were fairly priced. They didn't charge me for the month that my vehicle sat there, before I made the "executive decision" to instead sell it to a salvage yard. I noted they had many very nice classic cars in for service too. That's really all you need to know about any garage. Nice people.

Blake Davis Google Review

5 Stars!

Kara Bowers Google Review

He is honest in charging for services that he provides.

Gautam Tomar Google Review

I am pleased to offer my view of Johnny's Auto Repair. I went to Johnny's after a very bad experience with another repair shop here in Lake City Fla. The people that had worked on my car really made a mess out of the work and left the car in a dangerous to drive state. There was damage to the car, that no one even bothered to tell me about. Also work that was paid for was not done. At this point I called Johnny's. I was offered a friendly greeting by the lady working in the office. My questions were answered and I decided to have Johnny's work on my car. The work I needed was not just part's replacement. It required planning, as well as coming up with some good ideas to effect repairs. The work was done on time and at a reasonable cost. At every stage of the work I was kept informed. Johnny and his team really did an excellent job. I and my car were treated with great respect. Since my first experience with Johnny', I have gone back and had additional work done. Again I am very pleased, and in the future plan to continue to have my auto repairs done at Johnny's. Oh by the way, my car is a 1923 Ford model T. As you can’t just run out and buy parts, in this case Johnny and his crew made parts for the car. It look and works really well, I am very pleased and highly recommend Johnny’s.

Bobby Reed Johnny's Auto Repair Customer Review

Thank you Jason for going above and beyond in our emergency crisis. While heading back to Nashville from Jacksonville our car broke down just as Johnnys was about to close... I called to see if someone could just look to see if we could make it back. When we arrived Jason met us in the parking lot. Assessed what was wrong and repaired it before closing time. Jason we would have never made it back to Nashville without you.You are the best!!!!!!

Craig Wise Johnny's Auto Repair Customer Review

Great place! They took great care of my car, and did the best they could to help mme after my car broke down! Great people!!

Natasha Brown Google Review

Earlier this year my daughter was traveling from home back to FSU and decided to stop for a bite to eat. When leaving, she started up her car and a huge cloud of smoke came from the tail pipe and she thought she saw oil leaking from under the car. This was at about 4:30 on a Saturday, so I was concerned whether or not I could find someone to help her. Johnny's Auto Repair was the only place where someone actually answered the phone. The gentleman explained that the shop was closed and that the number I had called was for emergencies only. I explained that my nineteen-year-old daughter was away from home, alone, and possibly stranded and that felt like an emergency to me. He sighed, then chuckled, and then said he would drive over to check it out. He assessed the situation and determined that the car was not leaking oil and that she should be able to make it back to Tallahassee with no problem, but to reassure her, he left his name and number and told her to call him if the car began acting up again. He then called to reassure me. I offered to pay him for his time on a Saturday evening, but he declined. If you are ever in the Lake City area and need help with your automobile, I recommend Johnny's Auto Repair. How refreshing it is to do business with someone who is genuine and caring!

esther page Google Review

On February 27, 2016 my GMC Envoy threw its serpentine belt on I-75 just North of Lake City. I called Johnny's and he listened as I described the destroyed belt and the circumstances and gave me an option for towing.

After a delay in getting a tow truck due to poor customer service by AARP Roadside Service I called back and said that I would probably arrive right at closing time, 2:00pm on this Saturday and was told that they would hang around the shop and wait for me.

Upon arrival a quick diagnosis was made that the water pump seized up but that fortunately nothing else was destroyed. When I had called earlier they ordered up a new belt and a water pump projecting that that was the problem with my vehicle and the parts were at the shop when I arrived in the tow truck.

The new water pump was replaced in 35 minutes and I was back on the road 1 hour after arriving at the shop.

Fantastic Job by the guys at the shop.

William K Google Review

I had purchased a used motorhome, sight unseen and had just picked it up. I lived 2500 miles from the purchase place. I went to Johnny's to have it checked out mechanically before making the long trip home. It was a Saturday morning on Memorial Day weekend. I had no appointment, but Johnny worked me into his schedule. He checked out the RV and fixed some things. He was so helpful to me and I would recommend this mechanic to anyone who is looking for an honest mechanic! Thanks Johnny!

Joni M. Yelp Review

These guys are great!! We were on our way to Tampa to board a cruise and our water pump went out. Luckily, we were near Johnny's and drove over. Johnny helped us out immediately and told us he would be able to fix it in about 2 hours. An hour later, we are on the road again!! Great people, great service, great price! Thank you so much!!

Tiffany S. Yelp Review

We left Orlando December 24th to visit family in Lake City for Christmas after getting the battery replaced on our Honda Civic. Having arrived safely, we attempted to go shopping the day after Christmas. The car wouldn't start and it appeared the battery terminal was cracked. Not wanting to attempt a DIY repair in the driveway, we got the car towed to Johnny's. Despite having all bays full in their garage, Johnny's addressed our car immediately and got us in and out in under 15 minutes for far less money than anticipated. I'm very thankful for the quality of the service we received, despite being out of towners essentially 'stuck' there.

Brittany B. Yelp Review

Prompt. Courteous. Professional.

He answered my call after hours. He worked on my car early Saturday morning. I am now back near the ramp to I-75, ready to roll!

Jeff T. Yelp Review

Johnny was very nice and got me in and out in a very short time. Thanks.

Barry Martin Google Review

My alternator was failing , while on l-10. The new part was installed within several hours and I was back on the road. Lake City's Johnny's is #1 !

Gloria Williams Google Review

Broke down about 3 am sunday morn.picked us up in about 1/2 hr after being summond. Did not have room for all of us in tow truck. We rode in van on top of flatbed tow truck. Best ride on the whole trip , no lines and lasted much longer. Dropped us off at local motel on the way to his shop. Had one of his techs come in on sunday to inspect van. D.O.A. Very helpful recommending option for alternative transportation. Next morn, sunday, NOBODY open, had to spend another find evening in fair oaks. Next morning nobody had a truck and dolley in town. tried lake city, found a truck,dolley and car in lake city. Timing was everything. Had to get out of motel by 11, or pay another $ 100.00, meet car rental guy at 1 pm, meet truck rental guy at 2. Lake city is 1/2 hr away.Had to get the County Cab, the only County cab in town by the way, called lady with cab. She was booked from 1-4 o'clock and was shopping with her mom at wal-mart at the moment. It is 10:30.She said her mom liked shopping at wal-mart and she would check and see if she could just leave her at wal-mart. She can ,but we have to hurry.We had to leave my son and friend at the motel pool with all of our belongings. My wife and i go to lake city.get too the car place , say good bye to County Cab lady,she was very nice and interesting and she had to go get mom. The man at Enterprise suddenly wanted to charge us about $700.00 for the car rental. Said it included a $400.00 charge for getting the car back from Indiana. I said they have Enterprise in indiana. He said he owned his own cars and only do round trips. Decided not to do business with this company. County Cab was halfway back to live oaks to get her mom. So we decided to call Hertz, lady on 800 # said they had a truck and dolley, called local place for directions,man there informed us that he did not have a truck and dolley. Called lady back and told her what he said and she assured me they did.So we walk the 1.5 mi.trip to Hertz. As we approach the lot, a truck drives out ,with a truck and dolley.I noticed they had more trucks, and i told my wife ,i bet that's my dolley leaving right their. The guy came up to us and said, can i help you. And i said probably not, but that he could try. I told him the story and he said he had the truck but no dolley . Hmmm. Said he could get one from Gainesville by 4. All my stuff, son and friend are out by the pool waiting on us. I told them i would drive down their myself, 1 hr round trip. Asked about a car , and they gave us one for $ 99.00. Deal! No bullshit about a return charge or $ 300.00 for 1 day rental. Sent my wife to get stuff in live oaks and to get headed home. My son needed to be in school at 8:00 am in the morning and its about a 14 hr trip. I head to Gainesville, pick up dolley and head to live oaks to pick up the van. Then i head home. Everyone , except Enterprise, was very courteous and helpful. I real Griswald Experience. What an adventure. We arrived at indy at 7: 00 am

Danny Tarr Google Review

Johnny was so nice! My friend and I broke down at a Shell on the way to Orlando. We called Johnny, and he was nice enough to stop by on his way home. He helped me and friend and did not ask for anything. He was definately a life saver!!

Andrew Douglas Google Review

Myself and My Team of riders are on a trek across the country to raise awareness and funds for the injured marine semper fi fund. At the end of day three our raptor(rv) generator died. after countless attempts of trying to repair it ourselves, we made a call to Johnnys. although we did not use his service, the man on the phone stayed on the phone with us for a good hour talking us through troubleshooting. Gave us a few task and hand us call him back if that didnt work. well it worked and we slept in the ac out of the bugs and heat. i wish you all could know how awesome the customer service was! We are very grateful to johnnys for they contribution to our trip.

Ben Maenza Google Review

Johnny and his crew just saved our entire vacation in heroic fashion. our car broke down on a Saturday night on our way from Michigan to Ft Lauderdale. we were completely stranded and hopeless until Johnny came to tow us to his garage where he worked extremely hard well into Sunday morning. he and his crew did absolutely everything they could, having parts delivered instantly to try to get us back on the road. this was incredible to see at 11:30 pm on a saturday night. we waited in the waiting room where i read countless letters of praise from customers. we arent the first to have such a memorable and unique experience here. he took us to the hotel and went back to work early in the morning. he fixed it and came to us once again to deliver the fixed car. i have never been so amazed by someone's work ethic or kindness. we are so grateful we found Johnny's number - i can't imagine anyone trying harder to fix a situation for complete strangers. THANK YOU JOHNNY!!!

A Google User Google Review

I just wanted to thank you for trying very hard to help me and my family when our Fleetwood Discovery Motor home broke down the Saturday before Memorial (May 28th) en route to Disney World. For you to drop everything and work on our Rv for over 3 hours in an attempt to get us back on the road and on our vacation will never be forgotten by us. And then to give my kids a chocolate bar and a milkshake was the icing on the cake. You are a classy guy and run a great operation. I hope I never need your services again BUT if we are ever broken down anywhere in FL I'm having my rig towed to you. Thanks again for making the bumps in the road a little easier to handle. I look forward to being able to refer business to you. Let me know if I can ever help you with anything

A Google User Google Review

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